John H Davis
Custom Knifemaker

          John H Davis
            Hand Forged
              Custom  Knives
  52100 - 5160 – W2 - O1 and my own Damascus 
  Freetown, Indiana  

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Hello, I’m John H Davis and I make:

Custom forged handmade knives using carbon tool steels: 52100, W2, O1, 1084, 15n20 to make both Damascus steel blades and Carbon steel blades of the finest quality. I use one of a kind handle material like: Fine Hardwoods, Sambar Stag, Walrus Oosic and Horn for most of my knives but I will use whatever material you want for your custom ordered knife. Also, I will do stock removal type knives on request. I enjoy making: Bowies, Daggers, Bird & Trout, Drop point hunter knives and  some Folding knives.

For as long as I can remember I have had a knife in my pocket and even as a 5-yr. old heading to the woods to go fishing I had a knife in my pocket. My Dad made sure I knew how to use it rather than say I could not have one while I was away from home. It seemed to me the most natural thing that a person would have a knife with them to do whatever chore that needed it, no matter where they were going.           Well as the years went by I started making knives for friends or family and give them for Christmas presents and each time I would study to make it better.  When I heard the American Bladesmith Society had a school to teach bladesmithing I had to go, so it was off to the ABS Bladesmithing School in Old Washington, AR... It was there that I was able to study under ABS Mastersmiths Jim Crowell and Bruce Fuller, where I was able to learn some of the techniques and principles of these Mastersmiths and confirm some of the hard-learned lessons of trial and error. My goal in taking this class was to refine my knife forging skills and to be able to make the best knife I can. I am also glad to say that Master knifemaker Herb Derr is a good friend of mine and he has been instrumental in how I make my Damascus steel for my knives. Herb Derr has been open to my visits to his shop and has helped me in my journey to making the best knife I can. He was the one that encouraged me to do my first knife show. He also helped me become a probationary member of the Knifemakers Guild. I am presently the President of the Florida knifemakers Association, a full Voting member of the Knifemakers Guild and an Apprentice member of the American Bladesmith Society. 

 I enjoy making all types of knives and welcome special orders, I frequently make: Bowies, Drop point hunters, Fighters, Daggers and Folding knives.


The Steels I frequently use are: 52100, 1095, W2, O1, 15n20, stainless steel by request and Damascus steel that I make myself.


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